We always hit the right note

At the beginning of the color setting process, there is usually an intensive exchange with our customers. In joint coordination, we define the project requirements, examine color templates and product artwork brought in and discuss the color mix together with our customers and our colorists.

The fine art of color adjustment is a matter for experts. Our colorists are experienced specialists in mixing pigment combinations and always find the right tone. Unusual customer requests and curious patterns as templates are no problem for us. With more than 70 years of experience and the existing know-how in colorimetry, we are the ideal partner for your project.

We know that a color is only as good as its behavior in processing. Therefore, for us, professional color matching includes testing the behavior in the developed color preparation under customer-specific production conditions.

We maintain sampling and production facilities for all common processing methods and manufacture all product and color samples under conditions that are true to practice. On a small scale, we map exactly those technologies that are also used in the customer’s production, including injection molding, flat and blown film extrusion, bottle blow extrusion (PE and PP) and injection blow molding (PET).