Finke Color Inspiration BLUE Box

I feel blue…

How could it be said more clearly that color and emotion are closely linked. We cannot escape the psychological effect of color. Color perception triggers emotions and associations, while emotions can leave an impression of color. And yet: Ultimately, color perception is nothing more than physics. Blue, for example, is the color stimulus perceived when the light hitting the eye consists predominantly of wavelengths between 460 nm and 490 nm. But even beyond that, blue influences our perception in many ways.

Blue is a cool color. It has a calming and de-stressing effect, radiating peace and serenity, certainty, continuity and trust. In his coolness, sometimes even coldness, distance and restraint resonate. Blue leaves a noble and elegant impression, in a way seems untouchable. It stands for prestige and individuality.

The blue planet is our home. Blue makes us feel the vastness of the ocean and the infinity of the sky. We associate blue with distance, depth, eternity, but also with indeterminacy and longing. The calmness of blue radiates power, energy and dynamism.

Blue helps us to concentrate. It looks serious, qualities like sense of duty, punctuality and reliability come to mind. Prudence, truth and science are closely associated with blue, and with them innovation, departure and pioneering spirit. But blue can also have something playful, light, even carefree, which is reflected in expressions like “out of the blue.”

Longing and melancholy are part of the “blue hour”. “I’ve got the blues,” you might say, or “I feel blue.” Artists have often made use of the “blues” in this respect: just think of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” or the works Picasso created during his “Blue Period”.

This is just a small glimpse of the impressions and emotions associated with blue. In our Finke Color Inspiration Blue Box, we have compiled all this information and numerous examples for you. We invite you to dive into the world of “blue”. The Finke team will help you find the perfect shade of blue to highlight the features and characteristics of your product. After all, it is a crucial part of a balanced, thoughtful and attractive design.

Once you’ve found your perfect shade of blue, the Finke team will find the right dye for you. Our experienced colorists create more than 8,000 shades every year according to customer requirements. Whether granulated masterbatches, pigment powders, liquid dyes and color pastes are the right colorant for your plastic product, we always keep an eye on processing and application, saving you valuable time in color matching.

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