Color for large-scale 3D-printed objects

In the plastics industry, additive manufacturing is the process of choice for the production of individual components in small batch sizes or of small series. Especially the design sector highly appreciates the great potential of 3D-printing and employs it for numerous applications. Using this technology, large objects, such as pieces of furniture or other design elements, can be developed within a short period of time and produced cost-efficiently in small batches. Additive manufacturing is used, for example, in the production of seasonal products and toys in small and special series or in trade show construction.

It goes without saying that color design plays a special role in these areas. However, conventional masterbatch solutions often deliver unsatisfactory color results in 3D-printing. This is mainly due to the fact that the extruders used in additive manufacturing systems are designed exclusively for plasticizing the material, but not for mixing different components.

This is why we have developed a new compound series for 3D printing large-format components: FIBACOMP-3D. The compound is completely dyed and pellets only need to be plasticized in the extruder for processing in 3D printing. The FIBACOMP-3D series is precisely tailored to 3D printing directly from pellets and combines easy processability with individual coloring.

Like all our products, we tune FIBACOMP-3D exactly to the application you have in mind and configure material, color and other additives accordingsly. Depending on the component, we can combine FIBACOMP-3D with further additives such as UV- and thermo-stabilizers, antistatics or lubricants. Sustainability and FIBACOMP-3D go hand in hand here, as numerous variants based on PCR are available in addition to those based on virgin material. A range of standard colors based on PETG is in stock, guaranteeing particularly fast conversion of your ideas into finished products.

As usual, we accompany you from the design phase to series production, thus ensuring a short time-to-market for new developments in additive manufacturing.